Ra Capoeira Classes in Tribeca, Manhattan

Capoeira Rã Celeiro de Bamba offers classes 2 times a week at the Battery Dance Center located at 380 Broadway in Tribeca 5th Floor. Our instructor Leandro “Ra” has over a decade of Capoeira experience with grupo Senzala and now with grupo Celeiro De Bamba led by Mestre Flavio from Sao Paulo, and it’s a recognized member of the Capoeira community in Brazil and the US.

Our classes are designed for all types of students. We believe that Capoeira can be learned by anybody, regardless of age, sex or race. Our class size allows for personalized attention form the instructor. Our main objective is to spread the art of and culture of Capoeira.

Capoeira is the embodiment of a historical legacy that cried for freedom

Created by Africans that were brought to Brazil as enslaved labor, Capoeira has risen from the days of colonialism and prohibition to become a global phenomenon.

Today, Capoeira is a unique blend of music, folklore, acrobatics and fitness. Our Group carries the traditions of the most notorious Capoeira Group in Brazil, grupo Senzala co-founded by Mestre Peixinho from Rio de Janeiro.