Capoeira Senzala Classes in Jackson Heights Queens

Our Capoeira group is excited to announce that we will be offering classes in the New York City Borough of Queens. The studio is located in the Historic District of Jackson Heights.
Our classes are designed for people with an interest in martial arts and with a particular interest in Brazilian culture. Capoeira is a great work out for the whole body as well as a self-defense system focused in leg strikes and quick movements.

Capoeira Senzala is one of the most influential groups. It began in Rio de Janeiro by a group of motivated friends. Capoeira has grown to be a global movement with thousands of groups and students all over the world.

How to find us?

To attend class, please come to ECSquare Studio located at 80-03 Roosevelt Ave Suite 207, Jackson Heights. Classes are held every Saturday at 11am.

There are plenty of transportation options. The closest subway station is the 82 street of the Flushing bound train. The 74 street station – Jackson Heights Queens subway station offers a variety of trains accesible from Manhattan and Brooklyn.
If you want to learn more about our group, please visit our meetup.com page at Ra Senzala Capoeira NYC

Ra Senzala Capoeira  is proud to offer classes in the vibrant community of Jackson Heights.